DIY Racetrack Mat for Kids

My girl has been asking me for a racetrack rug so she could play with her buddy. My girl can be very girly at time but she still loves boyish stuff like cars, dinosaurs, comic books, and superheroes.

I was looking for an affordable white rug that I could paint racetracks on it, and I knew I didn’t want an expensive rug if the project didn’t turn out well. When I visited Ikea the other day, I found these $2 bath rugs and it was like a light bulb turned on top of my head. Now all I need was some black paint, painters tape and a brush to finish the project I had in mind.



To create your own racetrack mats you will need:

– IKEA Mats
– Black Paint
– White Paint Pen
– Painter’s tape
– Brush



Directions: Mask the mat with the tape. Hand draw the racetracks with a pencil, then cover the desired areas with painter’s tape. Then paint over with black paint. Make sure not to add the paint directly to the mat but instead in the paint brush and apply lightly brush strokes on top of the tape edges.

Let dry completely before removing tape. Paint the lines of the racetrack with a white pen.


Hope your kiddos love this project. My girl loved helping me craft it.

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