DIY Photo Pillows

Have you ever tried making your own photo pillows? It was my first time and I knew I had to find printable fabric. JoAnn’s had a package of printable fabric on their quilting department for only $9.99.  The end result was amazing and even hubs loved the idea.  What makes this project amazing, is that it requires basic to no sewing skills.

To recreate your own photo pillows you will need to get yourself a package of printable fabric that can be found at any major craft store like Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s. Also, make sure the images you choose to print, are very crisp and highest resolution possible.

DIY Photo Pillows

Materials needed:

– Printable Fabric Paper
– Sewing Machine/Needle/Thread
– Scissors
– Extra Fabric for the back side of the pillow
– Pillow Stuffing
– Images to PrintPrintable Fabric

STEP 1: Open your images on Word or Photoshop and resize your image to print in a standard size paper (8 x 11.5inches). Make sure to leave at least one inch border from the paper size.
Follow directions on the printable fabric package to make sure you load the fabric correctly. Let the ink dry for at least 10 minutes before removing the backing.DSC_0520

DSC_0521STEP 2: Cut out the image out of the paper with at least 3-4 inches of space surrounding the image.

STEP 3: Using your extra fabric in your desired color, cut out a second piece using the photo fabric as a template.DSC_0525

STEP 4: Sew both pieces together. Make sure the photo piece is on the reverse side and you leave a two inch opening so you can fill out the pillow with stuffing. If your image have a corner that may need to stretch, like my MINI HEART PILLOW tutorial, cut slits on the round shapes of the photo fabric.

STEP 5: Flip over the pillow cover and begin stuffing the pillow. You can even use a stick to help you out push the stuffing through tight places. DSC_0542

LAST STEP: Sew the opening you used to fill the pillow, using a hand needle or sewing machine.

Photo PillowsDIY-Photo-Pillows-Tutorial


Hope you enjoyed this little craft. Perfect to decorate your kid’s room or even gift to family members. Grandparents would sure love having little pillows of their grandchildren.


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