DIY Easy Clay Bowls

Recently, making air dry clay bowls have been a great weekend easy project to do with my girl. We made these trinket bowls a few weeks back and they became the perfect Mother’s Day gift for my mom. If you are looking for a great project to gift or a last minute gift idea to craft, then these trinket bowls are the perfect craft for you. I’m sharing the how-to on SCJ Johnsons’ Blog.

DSC_0599DSC_0628DSC_0634Materials Needed:

– One package of air dry clay in white
– Metallic Paint
– White Acrylic Paint
– Circle cookie cutters or (If you don’t have any, use the same bowls to cut out a circle)
– Rollin pin
– A piece of sandpaper
– Bowls to shape the clay


  1. Use half of the clay at a time. Sealing the remaining clay to prevent the clay to dry.
  2. Roll out the clay in a clean flat surface.
  3. Cut out a circle.
  4. Mold the clay circle into a bowl and let air dry.
  5. Carefully, remove the clay bowl from the bowl and let dry completely.
  6. Sand the edges.
  7. Paint the clay bowl in white (or preferred color).
  8. Paint the edges in metallic paint.


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