Planning A Last Minute Birthday Party

I was so busy and wasn’t able to really had the chance to plan a better birthday party for my girl’s 5th birthday, but I’m so glad she loved everything I did for her.

Even though, it wasn’t really an actually party because the only invitees where just us four. We dressed up for her, decorated a space just for her, baked her a cake (which she helped), and sang her Happy Birthday many times. She was the queen for the day and everything she wanted, her wishes were granted.

My baby girl is no baby anymore, she is growing to be very independent, extremely social, and very caring for others. My girl is very curious of everything, she loves exploring and can ask a million questions to things she doesn’t understand. She loves learning new things and I love that about her. Below are some of my tips for planning a quick birthday party.

Her birthday dress was another favorite essential for her birthday. She wore Tutu Du Monde from Mini Joops and it was absolutely worth every penny. Tutu Du Monde never fails to amaze me on the quality & design. Aries even decided on her dress and right away wanted a princess long dress so I knew Mini Joops had the perfect birthday party dress! If you little girl loves, girly and to feel like a princess, then Tutu Du Monde via Mini Joops is the right place to go.


I always say that less is better and simpler makes everything more clean and easy to plan as well. If you have not much time to plan a party, at least give the birthday boy/girl a special place in the home where is all decorated just for him/her.

Here are 4 things to consider when planning a simple, minimalistic and last minute party.

– Start with a basic color scheme. I asked my little girl what color she loved, and immediately she said “Many Colors” so I decided to go with some of her favorite colors: Purple, Yellow, Orange and Pink.

– Balloons! Every party should have balloons and lots of them. Blow up a whole lot of balloons and place them in the floor, kids will go nuts!

– Easy Piñata- Making a piñata is easier than you think but it takes a little time to paste each individual fringe. Here are some of ideas for Pinatas. Make a few small pinaas and hang them as a centerpiece chandelier.

– Involve your kiddos with anything crafting. My little Girl, helped me in a lot of her decorations for her party. We painted the tablecloth with watercolors. DIY Tutorial coming soon.

–  Cake: I made the cake out of cake mixes. Simple and cake mixes is always a good idea when you don’t have time to bake a cake from scratch.


Happy Birthday!


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