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Growing in a big family of 10 girls, (thankfully not all in the same age group) can be so rewarding, yet drama can happen. I’m thankful for my parent’s efforts to raise us to be good and kind women and to love each other in all good and bad times.





2318eea4-c42c-11e4-9d10-22000afd2dc7I do not regret any of my mistakes, because from them I learned my lessons and made me the person I am today. Even, those dark sad moments of my life where I felt lonely, and not worth living. Now, I feel like such a fool for thinking that I wasn’t worth living, because with a little love, this world can be good to us.

I put out love into the world by helping others in need. We have distant family in Mexico who need our help and I do anything I can to help even if I live 300 miles away. I teaching my daughter that donating her outgrown clothes can help clothe her distant relatives that live in Mexico that need our help. We ship out the clothes, shoes, and infant formula to my mom where she then drives to Mexico and donates them.

My daughter now knows that giving up her old toys and clothes helps other kids and love when she goes out her way and picks out the toys she wants to donate. We also love to put more love into this world by teaching my kids to recycle and be kind to others. After all my blog is called Little Inspiration, and I craft, love my life, and love this world inspired by my little girl, Aries.

Most importantly, to put more lovin’ into this world, we need to first love ourselves. Being happy with ourselves is the key to happiness and motivation to love this world. Love is the most amazing thing that can happen to us. Love is what makes our lives worth while. Life sucks sometimes but what does really matters in life? What truly matters is, love. More lovin’ into the world, it’s as simple as that. McDonald’s is evolving the relationship with their customers… moving from the philosophy of “billions served” to “billions heard.”

How do you put more love into this world? Share you stories with #MeEncanta because McDonald’s wants to hear from you.

This is sponsored post in collaboration with McDonald’s and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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