DIY Inspirational Easter Eggs

I love catchy simple quotes and words that I collect on my Pinterest board. Those pins inspired me to do these Easter eggs.

At first I wanted to write the inspirational words myself on the eggs with paint pens but, my handwriting isn’t that good. So I used my silhouette portrait to cut out the words using black vinyl.

I loved crafting these, it was super easy and loved picking out the different fonts I used for the words. Now get your fonts, your silhouette and eggs ready to add a little inspirational word to brighten up your day for now until Easter or everyday.


Make sure to use the transfer paper to transfer your tiny little words over to the eggs, or else it will be a mess if you transfer them yourself.



How do you like your eggs? Add a little inspirational word to your blown-out,  hard boiled, or even fresh eggs to surprise your loved ones on Easter morning.

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