DIY Easy Long Tutu Skirt


Wearing Mar Mar Copenhagen by L’Officiel Enfant

These long tutus are the perfect fashion state that never goes out of style. My little girl loves it when she wears her long tutu skirts and always says “I’m a beautiful princess”.

There are two versions you can do your own long tutu skirts: Slim or Puffy.  I made the two version and loved them both! I rarely sew and I simply know basics of sewing so this project is perfect or beginners like me and anyone that wants to star sewing.

The slim tutu is very translucent as there is only two layers of tulle and keep it mind that there is not much coverage but it’s perfect on top of leggings, leotards and matching tights.

The puffy tutu has four layers of tulle (double the tulle needed) and it has more coverage. Its perfect for Easter, photo shoot, special occasions or just because.

The style of this DIY tutu is more like an apron, that ties on the back with ribbon.

5 yards of tulle for a slim skirt
or 10 yrds of tulle for more coverage and puffy skirt
Sewing Machine, thread scissors
2 inch elastic
15 or 2 inch satin ribbon (two strips measuring 19 inches)



Directions:  Cutting and folding tulle is a pain. Fabric stores usually cut tulle folded in half. They measure about 30 inches in length when folded. Since my girl is 4 years old (42 inches), the tulle folded in half was perfect for her size. Measure the tulle length against your daughter height.

If your daughter is younger then make sure to cut the tulle to desired length on the “ends” and not at the “folded edge”.
If you daughter is taller/older, you will require double the tulle amount and you will have to cut each layer individually, unless you want some layers in a different size.

1st STEP: Measure the elastic against your daughter’s waist, while stretching just a bit to secure a good fit then cut exactly to her waist size.
Pin the tulle edges to the elastic DSC_10374DSC_10332SECOND STEP: Sew the tulle and elastic together, removing the pins as you sew along. (No need to stretch the elastic)


THIRD STEP: Sew two strips of ribbon ( About 19 inches long) to the back of the skirt on both sides.



Let me know if you have any questions making your own tutu long skirt. Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

 DSC_09831Wearing Popupshop Floral Leotard


Wearing Lion Leotard by Popupshop and can be found at Apple Baby Store


Wearing Kukukid Dino Zip Hoodie and can be found at KHM Kids


Happy Crafting.

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