DIY Easter Eggshell Mobile

I love Easter and it’s beautiful colors, bunnies, eggs, moss, baskets, traditions and all. Most of all, because it’s so close to my girl’s birthday. Easter and all it’s amazing colors, inspires me to craft and today I have a cute little project for you to craft with your little ones.

In the spirit of spring and Easter, I created the cutest eggshell garland/mobile using plastic toy animals.  These cute little animals peeking through the eggshell, would look incredible hanging from the mantle and I’m sure your kids will love it.

You will need the following:
– Eggshells
– Miniature plastic toy animals
– Thread
– Driftwood

Clean and wash eggshell, removing the egg membrane.
Spray Paint the plastic animals if desired or leave as is.
Hot glue ends of a piece of thread to the inside of the eggshell.
Place plastic animal inside the eggshell and hang on a mantel, driftwood or even a piece of string.

DSC_0331Anything miniature makes me smile and this eggshell project was fun to craft with my little girl.









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