DIY Ribbon Bow Clip

DIY-ribbon-hair-bow-Feb25-10Leigh, from Laughing Latte is showing the cutest way to move little girl’s hair out of the way with a cute bow clip!

It’s cold around here, but we are busy dreaming of Spring time and the bright, cheery colors that it always brings! I’ve had this gorgeous little reversible ribbon that I bought years ago, but sadly have never used. So one snowy morning, we brought in a little color and made this super simple hair bow. I still very much dislike sewing, so thank goodness my trusty glue gun works as well with ribbon as it does with felt.


Glue Gun


Step 1: Cut three pieces of ribbon in the following lengths: 4 in. / 3 in. / 1 in.


Step 2: Glue together the ends of the larger pieces of ribbon creating two circles.


Step 3: Glue the inside seam to the other end of the circle creating two figure ‘8’.


Step 4: Glue the two figure ‘8’ together.


Step 5: Glue the larger circle to the hair clip.


Step 6: Take the smallest piece of ribbon and glue the middle of it to the top of the two circles.


Step 7: Take the ends of the small ribbon, wrap them around and glue them to the inside of the clip.


And that is seriously it! Super easy and I loved the look that the reversible ribbon gave!

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