Three Kings Day Decoration Ideas

I remember celebrating Tres Reyes Magos when I lived with my parents, its part of my childhood I will never forget and hope to continue these traditions with my own kids. Every January 6th, my parents would buy a Rosca De Reyes for our evening dinner dessert. I remember watching the same Tres Reyes Magos movie in Spanish and enjoying some atole with a piece of rosca. My little girl is yet to understand what Dia de Los Reyes is all about and I hope to guide her with our family traditions. Every holiday, I involve my kids with baking and decorating because after all, that is what the Holidays are all about, the kids!

I was so honored to be able to share my spin on a modern Three Kings Day over at Target’s blog, A Bullseye View. Head over the blog post and see details over these decorations for Three Kings Day.

If you are celebrating Three Kings day, don’ forget to leave a shoe, some hay and water for the camel next to the door tonight, so the Three Kings (so, you!) can leave presents for the kids.



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