DIY Knitted Pom Pom Scarf Tutorial

I apologize for the big delay in writing this post. Life has been hectic, specially around the holidays. Our last bow scarf I designed was so popular so I had to create a different design so you can give it a try.

This scarf is super easy and great for beginners trying to learn how to knit. I love knitting as it relaxes me.. specially knitting my scarf designs as they are so fast and you can finish in a beat.  learned my basic knitting by watching YouTube videos over and over until I had the hang of it. You can too, just search “How to Knit” on YouTube and start watching videos.




2 Lion Brand chunky yarn skeins
13 Size Knitting Kneedles
1 Lion Brand Chungy yarn for pom poms

First of CAST ON 9 Stitches: With this video I learn how to cast on. Simply watch it over and over as you practice casting on. There are different ways to cast on, but this is my favorite one.

When you have finally managed the “casting on” technique, then we begin knitting.Knitting-Sep-1

Insert needle through


Wrap the yarn around the inserted needle


Pull the inserted needle back, while grabbing/pulling the stitch towards you.


Pull the stich out


Pull the inserted needle up


Pull the inserted needle to the side while pulling out the stitch of the needle.


Pull the inserted needle until the stitch has been stretched out.


Pull the yarn to secure. (Repeat all steps until you have knitted your desired length.) I measured the scarf on my daughter as I knitted and I stopped until I knew it was the right size for the scarf to go around her neck once.

Now to CAST OFF (Finishing the scarf):

Knitting-Edge-ends-step-1Casting off is basically the same as when you “purl” your stiches except you add an extra step in between.


After you have inserted the needle, pull the needle down and under grabbing the stitch.


Just before you pull the needle to the side as you would normally do, grab the first stitch (as pictured above) and begin to bring it forward to the other stitch.



Bring the stitch over the inserted needle knitting-edge-ends-step-5

Pull your inserted needle out and pull outer yarn to secure.

Repeat the steps until you finish all stitches. At the end, tie a knot the edges or weave into the scarf to secure in place.

For the Pom Poms: Refer to my pom pom tutorial and make sure to leave the two ends long enough to tie to the tips of the completed scarf.
To attach to the scarf, simply weave in the pom pom ends to the scarf to the tips of the scarf and secure by making knots.


Again, there are a lot of knitting tutorials on Youtube and you can always refer to my first knitting project for more info: How to Knit a Bow Scarf.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment and I will get back to you as soon as it’s possible.

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  • Ana R.

    I’ve been a knitter for 15 years but I still love super simple patterns that result in chic style like this scarf. And it doesn’t hurt, the model is SUPER CUTE. I love your needles. They look like copper!? Or are they colored steel? Wherever you got them, I might have to get some too.ReplyCancel

  • Carly

    I love this! So simple. I can’t seem to find your pom pom tutorial. I found your faux fur one, but not for yarn. Can you help me? Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Cayley

    This is great!! A couple questions though…

    How did you taper down at the bottoms and meet up with the pom pom?
    Also, how many times did you wrap around your fingers to get the pom poms so large?
    Last question, I love the length of this scarf. Do you know how many rows you did approximately?


    • Hi Cayley,
      When creating the pom poms, make sure to leave the strands that you tied the yarn to make the pom pom,, long enough to weave and tie them to each tip of the ends of the scarf.

      It takes a lot of yarn to make the pom poms, I would practice with one and see how big it comes out to be.

      I didn’t count the rows, I measured the scarf on my daughter as I was knitting and finished to where I felt it was a good length.

      Hope this helps.ReplyCancel

  • Nick

    Hi I was wondering what yarn you used I have to order yarn online which is so hard to know what is right
    great color !ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    Hi! This is just as adorable as the bow scarf! I made two of those for my granddaughters, and they were a hit!
    I love the colors! What color yarn did you use for the pom pom?ReplyCancel

    • Thanks! Glad they liked them!I don’t quite remember the name. Sorry.ReplyCancel

  • Abby

    Hi, I absolutely love this color and i’m starting this now. My question is is this just knit?? Or is there purl too?ReplyCancel

    • Hi Abby,

      Yes, just knit. 🙂ReplyCancel

      • Thank you!!! Also, did you do an increase on the first couple rows in order to wrap around the pom poms?ReplyCancel

  • […] Knitted PomPom Scarf by Little Inspirations  – I love the look of this. Its so adorable, and the little girl modeling it is SO cute! On this blog, she actually has pictures teaching you how to cast on, to knit, and to cast off! So if you have absolutely no idea how to knit, and want to make this scarf… you can do that! […]ReplyCancel

  • missy

    Is this scarf wrapped around this little girl twice? I am in the process of making one for xmas and don’t know how long to make it. I cannot measure it on my girls because its a present for them.ReplyCancel

    • Yes it is. I suggest get a regular scarf and try on your daughter. Then based the length on the regular scarf. Let me know if that helps.ReplyCancel