DIY Christmas Card Display

This is a DIY post on behalf of Pear Tree Greetings.

Are you finalizing and sending  your Holiday cards yet? We ordered our Christmas cards at Pear Tree Greetings and couldn’t be any happier. I loved their designs and the gold foil  is my favorite part. Shipping was super fast, so there is still time to order yours today! Visit Pear Tree Greetings and browse their awesome designs for your Holiday Cards.

Now that you may now receiving Christmas Cards from family members where do you display them? I’ve been loving the floating drift wood theme since I already have a drift wood floating clothing rack in our kids room. So I knew I had to do something similar to display happy mail from our family members.

To re-create our look is very simple and fun to make.




DSC_0397Christmas-Card-DisplaysDSC_0362Here is what you will need:

– Find some drift wood branches
– Fishing Line (or yarn if you prefer the line to show)
– Thumb Pins

Cut a large piece of fishing line (enough to reach the ceiling). Attach the ends to the sticks by  tying a few knots.
Display your cards using mini clothespins or clips. Since there is no string on the drift woods, tie a piece of fishing line and clip on the Christmas card.

We haven’t’ got any Christmas cards from our family members so for now, I’m happily display our awesome Pear Tree Christmas Cards on our display.

Hope you love this easy project and re-create it with your Christmas cards. Visit Pear Tree Greetings and order your Christmas Cards now.

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