DIY Ombre Christmas Tree

I love the Holidays and only wished Christmas season could last a little longer. I’m already half-way done with Christmas shopping and can not wait to see my kid’s faces the morning of Christmas Day.  So I put up my Christmas tree early today.

I’m pretty excited for my Christmas Tree this year. I wanted something unique this year, so I came up with the idea of creating an ombre effect on our last year’s $40 white Christmas tree from Walmart. The turnout was amazing, creative, easy and very inexpensive than to buying a new one.



What you’ll need:
-White Christmas Tree
-Shades of Gray  and White too- in case you make a mistake. (or any color you’d prefer- I’m thinking next year of doing a Pink Ombre). The spray paint brand of my preference is Valspar.

Here is how I created an ombre effect on a white Christmas tree:
– Standard Christmas tree have about 6 rows branches:

Paint each tree branch row as follows (Open up the branch and place them on a clothes line or string):

  • 6th row: Black
  • 5th row: Dark gray
  • 4th row: dark gray (paint less than the last row)
  • 3rd row: metallic gray (paint less than the last row)
  • 2nd row: metallic gray ( paint less than last row)
  • Last Top Row: Leave as is.
  • Don’t forget to paint the pole too!

Let branches dry out. Place all branches back to the tree pole. Once I place all my branches back to the tree pole, I spray painted what I missed.

I decorated my tree with clear ornaments on top, then silver & black ornaments. I also added IKEA string lights because they come in clear and black cords.







Hope you like our Ombre Christmas Tree and inspires you to re-create it for your home.

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