DIY Piñata Baby Costume (No-Sew)

I’ve been having this idea to create a piñata costume for my little guy and I finally got around to craft it. It turned out super cute and so easy to make! I finished it in a few hours at night while the kids were asleep. A super easy costume that can keep the baby warm and costs very little to make.

For this costume it requires very little materials like a pj onesie, scraps of fabric (or even felt-since it’s much cheaper by the yard) and glue gun.

To re-create this costume here are some steps I used to make this costume:

First Step: Cut out strips of fabric to about 3 inches in width. Cut the strips of fabric just like if you were doing a regular piñata, take a look at our mini piñata tutorial!

Second Step: Hot glue each strip of fabric using Fabric Glue Sticks (or regular glue sticks).

For the headpiece, simply roll a piece of card stock paper into a cone and glue some strips of fabric. Make some holes and attach some elastic.




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