Hispanic Heritage Month with #somosfios #ad


Thanks to Verizon for sponsoring this post about Hispanic Heritage month. As of Sept 15 through October 15 is Hispanic Heritage month. As you may now know, I’m Hispanic and will always be proud of that.

Verizon Fios newest campaign: Crea Futoro meaning creating a better future today. I come from a big family of 9 sisters and most of my sisters didn’t even graduate from high school. They got married so young and had kids at age 18. My parents gave us the best they could, and I”m always grateful for that because with out them, I wouldn’t be here today loving my life with my two beautiful kids. I’m responsible for my own future and everyday of my life, I’m building and molding our future as a family, all inspired by my little inspirations: my kids. This is the platform (Little Inspiration) where I inspire and help others one craft project, recipe, and story at a time.


Verizon is committed to help create a better Hispanic future with many tools like Verizon’s Network, Technology Innovations, resources for building your community, and small business info. Get inspired and to get involve in creating a better future, find support tools by Verizon, and contribute to the Hispanic future of tomorrow.

Need some inspiration to get your mind going? Hello Navi is an app created by six students, along with their teacher, they designed the application to help Andrés move about school with ease. With the help of Verizon’s tools, they developed the project through Verizon Foundation’s Innovative App Challenge.  You can find more of these inspirational videos here.



Have a question about FiOS? The Virtual Assistance Tab is there to help you.

Verizon also rewards you every day w/ My Rewards+ For more info:

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