DIY Unicorn Headband

Do you want to be a unicorn for Halloween? Well, I’ve got a quick and fun unicorn headband and it’s NO – Sew (my kind of porject)!


My little Aries has been asking for a unicorn ever since she fell in love with My Little Pony and some of the character’s are a unicorn. So I’ve decided to make her one and here is how I made a simple no-sew unicorn horn headpiece.

You will need:
– Foam Sheet in your prefered color- A bit of fiber filling
– Glue Gun & Glue Stick
– Thin ribbon
– Elastic band enough for a headband.

First Step: Cut out a medium size circle. Measure the radius to be about 2 -3 inches.Cut out a piece of the circle. Begin rolling to form a cone.

DIY-Unicorn-Headband-1Cut out the cone from the foam circle. Then hot glue the edge to cone.



Stuff your cone with some fiberfill. Then measure and cut a small circle of foam, then hot glue to the bottom of the cone. Before you close the cone with the foam circle, add your elastic. This would be much easier and less messy.


Hot glue the tip of the ribbon and twist the ribbon to make it more thinner. Wrap the twisted ribbon around the cone as tight as possible. Hot glue the ends.



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