20 Ways To Store Your Kid’s Toys


20-Ways-To-Store-Kid's-ToysAs Anabelle keeps getting more and more interactive and collecting masses of toys, I find myself challenged with finding a stylish way to organize. I want her to have easy access to her toys in the areas that make the most sense, but I don’t want have my main rooms taken over by baby, and I don’t have enough space to create a dedicated playroom! Even if I did, I still need to keep a better eye on her at this stage… So I constantly look for creative ways to store her belongings in ways that are equally efficient, functional and stylish! Here are 20 ideas to get you wheels turning!


Make a couple crates on wheels with hand stamped labels to stylishly store toys right in the open.


Organize some shelves with baskets behind a main couch to keep things stylish, but out of the main view.


Or, go ahead and add labels to the baskets for a more bold child-like look.


The stuffed animals just keep on coming! Store them right out in the open with a fun zoo system.


Or spray paint wire plant hangers for another fun way to have dolls and animals right in the open.


Paint some vintage suitcases a fun color and add wheels to the bottom for an adorable way to store toys under your kid’s bed!


Labeled metal buckets can make a fun statement piece inside or out.


Make a bench out of these IKEA shelves and store baskets underneath for an easy additional seating option in a playroom or main area.


Line a wall with shelves for organized storage, but hang a curtain across the whole wall to seal everything off from the public eye!


Hang regular wire baskets on the wall for the favorite toys.


Take old dresser drawers, give them a fresh paint job, and attach wheels to the bottom to slide your kids belongings under the bed.


Use a coffee table with built in storage to keep things hidden from visitors, but right out in the open for your kids.

And then for the little things that annoy us but we just have to have a specific place to put away:


Use a magnetic strip to organize and display your boys’ car collection!


Straw dispensers make for the perfect storage for your kids collection of washi tape.


Clear our your snack canisters! They make for the perfect sorters of the tiny little toys toddlers must have.


In fact any glass canisters work! Display them on shelves for a bold colorful look.


We’ve all seen the spice rack for children’s books all over Pinterest, but put the racks on side of your child’s dresser for a bit of creative, but still trendy storage.


Or cut a crate in half and hang them on the wall for another fun way to display and store your children’s books!


A magnetic strip with clear capped tins is the perfect way to sort something small like legos!


Or don’t contain the little things at all! Organize a statement child’s wall and keep things like art supplies out in the open to encourage your kid’s creativity.


By creating a space for creativity & play area in the living room, your kid will surely feel extra special. I transformed a small corner in our living room space just for my daughter, she now has a place where she can create art.


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