Overnight Oats Recipe


I’m never a huge breakfast person. My idea of the perfect breakfast is a hefty whole milk latte with a spoonful of honey. But for some reason, when late summer rolls around (back to school for a lot of people), I need something more in the mornings. I have fun baking here and there, but ever since Anabelle was born, baking for breakfast hasn’t seemed logical. These oats though, are perfection! I can make them after I clean up dinner and get that awesome little punch of energy when I wake up without having to maneuver my way around the kitchen in my sleepy state.





(They are all pretty much the same, so it’s easy!)

Add the ingredients, except the fruit, in the order they are listed. Shake well. Fill the remainder of the 1 cup jar with berries. Use a spoon to mix well. Store in the fridge overnight. Wake up, grab a spoon and enjoy!

And experiment with the flavors 😉 I don’t know that you can go wrong!

PS. I like to use frozen berries! If they aren’t frozen, I don’t eat them fast enough, and they go bad…

Luvv, Leigh B

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