Baby Essential: 4moms breeze®

Thanks to a 4moms, for making this post possible.
Little Junius is turning 8 months very soon and I just can’t stop this little guy from growing. It just seems like a gave birth to my little guy just yesterday and times is flying with only 4 months left until his his 1st year birthday!

Junius is very active and hardly takes 5 minute naps during the day. I’d be lucky if he could nap for more than 10 minutes. I spend most of my days watching him play with his toys and drag himself all over the floor. Whenever I’m not watching over him, our 4moms breeze® is where he mainly plays and take naps and the reason I can do my chores. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing the 4moms breeze® really is. Seriously, AMAZING and worth every penny. There is nothing compared to the 4moms Breeze in quality & design. Can you really assemble other play pens with just one step? breeze® does exactly that, one step to assemble and to store away.

The 4moms breeze® comes fully equipped with a bassinet for infants, a leakproof portable changing pad, and a convenient travel bag.  The breeze®is very easy to assemble, and quickly to d-assemble, to create mobility and move it around the house or even to take with you when traveling. It is not as heavy as it looks and it’s very sturdy that will sure last a long time.

No more bulky and cheap play pens, the 4moms breeze® is an outstanding product every mom needs. When first time moms asks for a must baby gear list, I definitely recommend 4moms products like the Mamaroo & the amazing breeze®. I love 4moms products and it’s definitely a brand I recommend all the time.



What else can I say about 4moms Breeze.. It’s all what a mom and baby wants: Quality, Design, Durability and most importantly Easy to Use.




Whenever I need more space in our living room, with a simple push, the breeze® is easy to tuck away.  Other than the easy one-step assemble, what I love most of all is that my little guy enjoys being in his breeze®. Overall, the 4moms breeze® features what every mom wants: easy to assemble, d-assemble, mobility, quality & design.



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