DIY Tissue Paper Crown

A simple and inexpensive way to create a beautiful crown is with Tissue Paper. Making flowers out of tissue is kind of fun and kids would love the idea too!

To create this beautiful flower crown, I used two types of tissue paper flowers.




To create this Tissue Paper Flower you will need:

– Tissue paper in your color choice
– Floral Wire
– Floral Tape
-Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
-Small Ball for creating paper flowers.
-Bakers Twine

Start by making the floral wire base.. just like in our DIY Fresh Flower Crown Tissue-Paper-crownCut out small squares of tissue paper depending on the size of the ball.  The following shaped tissue paper flowers inspired by Martha Stewart.


Fold a piece of tissue paper around the ball and twist both sides, just like a candy. Make sure not to wrap all the ball, just half way so it easier to remove the ball from the tissue paper.


Glue the shaped tissue flowers to the base. Trim the ends.


To make the mini pompoms, simple fold a a piece of paper into an acordion style and wrap in the middle with some twine. Trim the ends an open the tissue paper to scrunch and form the pom pom.

Tie or glue to the floral base.


Hope you enjoyed yet another fun flower crown! See all of our crafts on our Crafts/DIY Page.

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