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This is a sponsored craft post thanks to Glade®.

The end-of-school season is upon us and the time has come to thank our children’s teachers for their hard work in helping our little ones bloom. Our daughter Aries is currently in preschool and loves her teacher and can’t get enough of her best friends. It’s so sweet to see how much she loves to go to school every morning.She has grown so much since her first day, improving on things such as the alphabet, songs, shapes and even social skills.Aries is our pride and joy, and seeing her love and passion for school gives me and my husband the #bestfeelings.



Being a preschool teacher is hard work and while it can be very rewarding, teaching 13 little ones is not an easy task – I know that Aries can be a handful sometimes. To celebrate and thank our teachers, Aries and I have come up with a fun little gift inspired by the fresh and soothing scent of Glade® Lavender Embrace™. The smell of lavender is one of my favorite scents in the world and the Glade® Lavender Embrace™ Premium Room Spray is just what I need in my home after a hard day’s work. I figured it would be the perfect gift for teachers and a way for them to unwind, relax and bring out their #bestfeelings at home.

Materials Needed:

  • Small Vase (I purchased ours at the Target Dollar Spot)
  • Fresh flowers or even a fresh lavender bunch
  • Colored pencils
  • Hot glue
  • White satin ribbon



First Step: Hot glue the colored pencils around the vase. Be careful when adding hot glue − use a low temperature glue gun and add 1-2 tiny dots of glue onto each colored pencil. Secure the pencils, points facing upward, onto the outer perimeter of the vase.


Second step: To replicate a ruler on the ribbon, simply use a black pen and hand-draw the lines. I used a regular school ruler to guide myself while drawing the lines.



Third Step: Let your kids choose the flowers, add water and place the flowers in the vase.


Third Step: Let your kids choose the flowers, add water and place the flowers on the vase.


Finalize the project by making tying a bow to the vase.



The end of this school year is near, share your end-of-year plans and how you plan on creating #bestfeelings for the special teachers in your life!

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This is a sponsored craft post thanks to Glade®. 

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