DIY Donut Pillows

Yes, yet another fun pillow tutorial for you guys and because who doesn’t love donuts!? This project requires little to no sewing skills!

At first, I had to think twice before sewing a pillow with a inner opening because it’s impossible to sew along all edges and be able to flip it inside out. Just like my HELLO Pillows, for the letter “0” I had to leave the inner opening without sewing it. Then, sew the inner circle at the end, while leaving a small opening to stuff the pillow.

I Hope you like this little fun craft for the love of donuts.




Materials Needed:
-Metallic Satin Apparel Fabric (I bought this fabric at JoAnn’s in the apparel department)
– White Fabric
– Scraps of Fabric in various colors (for the sprinkles)
– Scissors, Needle & Thread
– Hot Glue & Glue Gun
– Pillow Stuffing


First Step: Using a pencil, hand draw two large circles in the satin fabric; I used a large bowl to guide me. Then hand draw an inner circle in the middle of the two circles then cut out both pieces of circles. Using the white fabric, cut one extra “FROSTING” circle, guide yourself with the one of the donut circles to make the “FROSTING” circle.

Second Step: Sew together two circles along the outer edges on the reverse side. Flip inside out and either SEW or HOT GLUE the “FROSTING” circle onto the donut. Both methods works well!

Third Step: Sew the inner circle leaving a small opening to stuff the pillow, no need to have a seam allowance. Using Satin Fabric allows you to slightly burn the edges with a lighter to prevent fraying.

Fourth Step: Stuff the pillow.

Fifth Step: Cut out thin strips of fabric to make the “SPRINKLES” out of the scraps of colored fabric.

Sixth STEP:  Hot glue each “SPRINKLE” onto the finished “FROSTING” donut.





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