DIY Alpha Pillows

I have been obsessing with making pillows lately. Then it came to my mind that I needed to create my own letter pillows. Making pillows in the form of a letter is a little tedious but the result is amazing and kids will love them too!

I had a few fails while trying to come out with the perfect way to make a letter pillow until I finally was able to create these pillows to my liking.

Here is how I made my own alpha pillows.



Materials Needed:
– Fabric in various colors or prints. You will need at least 10 x 13 inches of fabric to create the same size as my Alpha pillows.
– Large piece of paper, scissors and pen
– Sewing Machine, Needle
– About one large Pillow stuffing bag.


  • Pattern: Trace out your letter of choice in paper and cut out the letter. This will serve as your pattern to cut out your fabric pieces. The only way these pillows will work if you trace out letters in large wide font and in capital letters. The round cornera will also work best. These letters are about 10 inches wide by 13 inches in height.
  • Sewing: Cut out two fabric pieces using the paper pattern and follow the same directions on my DIY MINI HEART PILLOWS tutorial.
  • Stuff your pillows.
  • TO make letters with a hole in the middle like the letter “o” or “A”, I decided to finish sewing the middle part at the end before stuffing the pillow. Before you stuff the pillow, sew the middle parts together as carefully as possible. You can see a close up picture on the letter “O” below.



Hope you enjoyed this craft and get inspired to create these Allah letter yourself. These are perfect as photo props, children’s room decor or just for fun!


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