5 Reasons Why Cloth Diapering is Better

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I just joined the many moms who cloth diaper. My experience so far has been fantastic (minus the poopy mess, which I don’t mind by the way).  Cloth diapering is not for every one and many people just opt in for disposable because it’s just easier and life can be so busy to wash cloth diaper every day.

I’m a stay at home working mom and I’m very busy all day long but I still have to manage my cloth diapering.

My mother, cloth diaper 8 out of my 9 sisters (including me) not because of choice but because they just couldn’t always afford disposable diapers. To save money, she resorted to the greener and natural way to diapering. I talked to mom so she could give me tips and share her experience with cloth diapering. Back then, there was no cute clothe diapers like today, instead there were simple non-absorbent piece of fabric and giant safety pins and a plastic cover. My mom would still buy disposable diapers to have in hand that she sometimes used when out and about. Other times, she used a plastic bloomer type to cover the diaper when out of the house so the cloth diaper wouldn’t leak. To clean the diapers, she had a couple of buckets outside her home, one bucket to spray off the mess right away and the other with chlorine to let the cloth diapers sit until she hand washed them.



Now a days, cloth diapering has become more of a trend, with a  better satisfying experience. Modern cloth diapers today, can vary with features like microfiber lining, leak-proof outer shell, disposable inserts. There are even hundreds of cloth diapering products like poopy sprayers, Eco-friendly detergents, wool cloth diaper dryer balls and more. It may be overwhelming by the many cloth diaper options out there but I found that Charlie Banana works best for me and my family.

So far, my cloth diapering experience has been awesome- no complains here. I love it because the Charlie Banana Cloth diapers I use, makes cloth diapering easier for me. To have a great experience with cloth diapering, you need great cloth diapers like Charlie Banana. Not only Charlie Banana cloth diapers are amazing but I just love how they offer disposable inserts.  I often  use the Charlie Banana inserts when running errands, or even at home. This is one option you  have, if you would hate to wash diapers all the time.





  1. First of all it saves money! If you are looking to save money and have a few minutes to clean diapers, then opt in for cloth diapers. Purchase One Size cloth diapers like Charlie Banana, that can be adjusted to fit the baby as they grow.
  2. Environment Friendly: Do your part for a greener world and choose cloth diaper over disposable.
  3. Stylish & Trendy:. I love having my little guy with a simple little white tee and his cloth diaper on. Specially with the upcoming summer heat, having babies at home with just a cute cloth diaper on is the cutest thing ever. Cloth come in many great modern and fashionable designs that you may have a hard decision what design to pick. Charlie Banana have many great designs I love, our favorite are the Americano & Boot Camp for boys!
  4. Healthy for Baby: My guy haven’t got a rash since he was born, so if your babies often get rashes or irritated skin, cloth diapers can help. I also heard that cloth diaper are better for boys because it regulates heat, which can affect scrotal temperatures and helps prevent yeast on girls. We got to protect those baby boy jewels.
  5. Easy for kids to be potty trained: With cloth diaper, there is the immediate feeling of wetness making it easier for toddler to know when is time to go potty.

Thinking of starting to cloth diaper? I highly recommend starting with Charlie Banana (one size) cloth diapers along with , bamboo liners and disposable inserts as well, for a complete and successful cloth diapering experience. If you need tips or help with cloth diapering, ask me or other mamas that love to cloth diaper. Cloth diapering is not as complicated as it seems. Take a little time to research your best cloth diaper options and go from there.

Charlie Banana proudly supports Operation Smile, helping the lives of children with cleft lips, cleft palate and other facial deformities with the purchase of a Charlie Banana product.

What cloth diapering tips would you love to share with other mamas? Leave a comment with your cloth diapering experience and thoughts, I’d love to hear from you.


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Charlie Banana, all opinions, content and images are my own.

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