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Life can get so busy and your times flies out like never seen before. If you are mom like me with more than one kiddo to take care of, life get busier as the day goes by. Nap times and bed times become our favorite time and the time to you may know what I mean by treasuring nap times, and those little moments that you are left alone to enjoy what you love the most. I live for moments like this, where I leave everything behind and focus on what is most important in my life, like my little family.

Tip One: Surround yourself with positive friends. Negativity has no place in my home. Enjoying an afternoon with good positive friends is another meaning of zen.

Tip Two: Enjoy the littlest & big moments and capture them so you can tell the stories behind them in the future to come. I have my camera on handy 24/7 because I want to be able capture anything my children do that specific moment and share it with the world. Have that camera handy and snap your best moments. Even if I’m busy, I like to pause for a minute and snap away. I sometimes feel, that by taking a quick brake and photographing my children’s milestones, I paused life for a second.

Tip Three: Create a zen place just for you and make time for yourself and only you. Having my own little space at home makes me relax and it’s something look forward to on a busy day. I have a little corner where I have a comfy chair, side table with magazines, fresh flowers, a Glade candle or Premium Room Sprays like Glade® Lavender Embrace™ . That is the place where I go to search for inspiration and relax a bit. The scent of Glade® Lavender Embrace™, makes me feel more at peace and relaxed.



If life gets busy, you can always have the new fresh scents from Glade to make you feel better and brighten up your everyday! Take the time to light up Glade Wax melts and smell the freshness of summer. According to Glade, More than eight in 10 people are consciously aware of how scent can inspire a mood or feeling, and Glade® fragrances, inspired the be the best feelings in the world, can help inspire a variety of emotions and treasured memories that are uniquely yours. Whether the smell of Glade® Vanilla Joy gives you feelings of happiness by reminding you of holiday baking with Grandma, or the scent of Glade®  Hawaiian Breeze® makes you feel as though you’re relaxing on the beach. Scent makes us feel like nothing else can. It’s so true to me, scents bring me back so memories of my childhood, home, even the sad moments but it all makes me reflect and feel inspired.

Inspired by the best feelings in the world™, Glade® is encouraging you to smell, feel, and share your best feelings of the world by the introduction a variety of new products that suit any personality and enhance any room – because nothing makes us feel better than a personal memory from a scent. New additions to the Glade® family include the long-lasting fragrance of Glade® Wax Melts, Glade Plugins Scented Oil Customizables™ and the chic new look of Glade® Sense and Spray® Automatic Freshener.


Join us on May 20th at 5pm PST / 8pm EST for the #BlissfullyGlade Twitter Party, where we will chat all about lively scents and creating the perfect the at-home zen experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to chat about what scent inspires you and tips to liven your everyday with Glade; plus a chance to win Glade products & more! To join the party, RSVP here.

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