Kid Craft: Eggshell Piñatas

Rain, rain, go awaybut please come back soon. We sure wouldn’t mind more rainy days here in sunny So Cal. Rain is hard to come by where we live, but when it does rain we are left to find creative ways to entertain the kiddos.There are many activities to entertain your kids on a rainy day, but one of my favorites involves getting our hands dirty in crafting 

As a kid, my sisters and I always made cascarones, a Mexican term for decorated eggshells filled with confetti, flour and sometimes even a few surprises, like money. After we were finished crafting our cascarones, my older sisters would hide the eggs for us to find – often times they were hidden in the mud. It was a whole lot of fun and not to mention, messy; we always needed a good bath by the end of the day.


So, on a recent rainy day, I was inspired by the happy, fresh scent of Brilliant Sunshine™ from Glade®to look past the gloomy day, and create a fun, new spin on my childhood egg craft that I was sure my children would enjoy. The modified craft has an added element of fun, as we’ll becrafting eggshell piñatas vs. regular decorated eggs, filled with confetti and a few of our own surprises. You’ll need a few egg shells for this craft, so next time you are cooking breakfastdon’t forget to save your eggshells!



– Eggshells, washed and cleaned 

– School glue 
– Scissors 
– Newspaper strips or squares 
– Tissue paper in various colors 
– Confetti, candy, written messages and/or money 
– Flour mixture (1 cup of flour and ½ cup of water) 




  1. Dip a piece of newspaper strip into the flour mixture.Then, cover the eggshell with the newspaper strip. Do this until your egg is covered completely.One layer of newspaper strips is more than enough. Let dry completely. 

  1. Once dried, use your scissors to make a hole in the tip of the egg. Add confetti and other surprises if desired. 

  1. Cover the hole of the eggshell with a piece of tissue paper. 

  1. Next, fold a thin strip of tissue paper and cut ½-inch strips from the edge to make fringe. 

  1. Glue the strip of fringe tissue paper on outside of the egg. Repeat until entire egg is covered. 








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