Evenflo Symphony™ DLX All-in-One Car Seat Review

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Our little Aries is now 4 years old, I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad that my baby girl is getting so big because time flies before you know it. We have been in search for a new car seat for her because our old one was getting a little to small for her. Now Little Aries is able to transfer to a booster type car seat and looking for a perfect car seat that has the things I look for can be difficult.  A couple of weeks ago, Evenflo sent us one of their new Evenflo Symphony™ DLX All-in-One Car Seat for us to try. We had our previous car seat for about 2years now and it was doing an ok job but compare to our new Evenflo Symphony™ DLX All-in-One Car Seat it’s like having a total upgrade for the better safety and comfort for our child.

When I’m looking for a car seat for our children, we first look for safety features, style and then price. The Evenflo Symphony™ DLX All-in-One Car Seat seems to have it all.


One feature I’m most excited about is the about the Evenflo Symphony™ DLX All-in-One Car Seat is the NASA-developed Outlast Performance Fabrics that regulate temperatures. Temperature regulating fabric in the padding of the seats keeps babies and toddlers comfortable during hot or cold weather. It can get very hot during the summer here in southern Cali, so having regulating fabric is fantastic. Another genius feature I love are the Buckle Pockets! The Buckle Pockets are built in pockets to place the buckles when not in use, this will help prevent those awful hot buckles burns in the hot summer days! The style of the car seat is very appealing and modern looking. The only downside is it’s size because it bulky-looking. Now that we have two kids and two car seats, the back seats are pretty much taken over by the car seats. We had to place the Evenflo Symphony™ DLX All-in-One Car Seat on the end to be able to have two car seats in our Jeep.

The installation like all car seats, can be quite stressful to understand but once you get a hang of it, you can manage to install almost all type of car seats. Overall, the Evenflo Symphony™ DLX All-in-One Car Seat is a great investment for your money because this car seat can be modified to fit your newborn baby in all stages.

You can purchase the Evenflo Platinum car seat at Babies R US.

For more information visit: Evenflo
If you have any questions about this car seat, I’d be happy to help out. Leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP.






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