DIY Spring Can Vases

Can spring come any faster? Even though, here in Southern Cali seems like we skipped Spring and Summer is here, the east side is screaming for Spring already. So that is why, I crafted this pretty and easy project inspired by the Spring. Not only is super easy to make, but it helps the environment by recycling cans into something modern and pretty as a centerpiece or gift.

Next time you are opening a can of corn or whatever you love, clean and save the can to craft these vases. Use your favorite type of acrylic paint and begin the fun of painting. I used pearl, matte & metallic paints for these cans but you can use spray paint as well. I prefer acrylic paint in bottle because is cheaper, come in lots of colors, you don’t need to go outside to paint and smell the spray paint fumes.

Doesn’t these vases look amazing? P.S. I used my Valentine’s day flowers I received from my honey for this cute project. I love starring at my flowers looking so pretty on these vases and they look wonderful on my dining table. Hope you enjoy this little craft and get inspired to create your own.

Notes: When painting the cans, I let each coat dry completely. If you don’t let each coat dry, the paint will smear on the next coat. 

DIY Can Vases


Spring Flowers Vase

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