DIY Photo Prop Crown

I’ve been having fun taking photos of my little guy. I want to record every single day of his life in photos. The other day, I decided that my little king needed a crown. I grabbed some gold pipe cleaners and crafted a small crown to take some photos of him wearing his crown. It’s simple, very easy to craft and looks amazing in photos.


Making crowns with pipe cleaner is super easy and perfect for newborn photography.  If your baby has hair like my little guy, the pipe cleaner will easily stick to his fuzzy hair with out a doubt. If he doesn’t, well you can tilt the crown to the side.


You will only need about 7 Gold pipe cleaners & pliers to cut wire.


Depending on the size of the crown, you can use one pipe cleaner to make the base of the crown by wrapping one pipe cleaner to make a circle.
The instructions are simple, create the pikes by wrapping around the base of the crown.


Create another base with one pipe cleaner the same as in the first step. Cut out about 6-  2 inch pipe cleaners.
Attach the crown to the second base by using the 2 inch pipe cleaners and wrapping them to each other. (This will make the crown look more like a king crown and not a princess style crown.)


Hope you enjoy this simple little craft. Perfect little crown for a little king.

If you are looking for a crown for your little princess, check out our Lace Crown Tutorial.

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  • Absolutely ADORABLE!! Your little man & the crown, so sweet! He’s such a handsome prince!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    Oh your little King looks adorable. Thank you for this tute. I just made a crown for my daughter. So quick and easy, and it turned out so cute! Thank you!ReplyCancel