Pretzel & Cheese Witch Broomticks Healthy Halloween Snack

Halloween is just around the corner and I’m sure your kids are all ready for trick or treating. Before all the candy, try this last minute healthy Halloween snacks that your kids will sure love. These witch broomsticks are easy to make and just look adorable for a party. Enjoy!

All  you need is the following:

– All-Natural pretzel sticks like Snyder’s brand.
– Shredded cheese of your choice.
– Baker’s twine or strips of dry corn husks.
Instructions: Lay a piece of baker’s twine, add a few shredded cheese pieces and a pretzel stick. Add a few more shredded cheese strips to cover the pretzel stick. Grab the two ends of twine and make a knot.
Tip: I prefer to shred my own cheese as the strips come out longer and a little thicker than the all-ready shredded cheeses sold in stores.


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