Fall Maternity Essentials: 7th Month Pregnancy

I just started my 7th month pregnancy, only 9 more weeks and our little man is joining us on this world. I’m actually now freaking out that is has flown by so fast and I don’t have everything ready yet.

There has been a couple of complications with my pregnancy but thankfully nothing to be alarmed. I have been having a few very mild contractions that could be the cause of stress & the need of more rest. So my doctor recommended enough rest. Baby Ju (Junius is one of the names we have in mind for the baby) is healthy and very, very active all day. I guess, boys tend to move much more because when I was pregnant with my little Aries, she was very calm and didn’t move as much.

Let’s talk about Maternity Fashion. I mean is a topic I really don’t discuss and both of my pregnancies has been quite the same: Simple & Comfy Maternity Fashion. Styling during my pregnancy has been pretty much very casual specially in the coming months where I hope the weather gets cooler and it’s time for some jackets, scarfs, gloves and boots. Thanks to Ingrid & Isabel, I have a few of my Fall Maternity Essentials ready to go.



What are your Fall Maternity Essentials this fall?


  • A cozy and large cardigan: This is one of my favorite essentials because I can snuggle in it and makes me feel very comfortable in it. Ingrid & Isabel’s cardigan is the perfect example. It’s chic, lightweight and can easily transition to Fall and when the baby arrives.
  •  Scarf: An easy way to style your everyday look without much effort. During my 7 or 8 months pregnancy, I really don’t have much energy to really get dressed, using a trendy and simple scarf can make everything much effortless and yet look fashionable.
  • Yoga Pants- These are my favorite type of pants for pregnancy. I use them almost everyday when I’m at home that double as PJ’s, some exercise & even a perfect pant when is time to go to the hospital.
  • Lounge Set- A lounge set for home that could be perfect for the hospital stay. During the fall is best to feel comfortable, cozy and warm.
  • Skinny Maternity Pants: The trend of skinny jeans hasn’t compromised maternity fashion, Ingrid & Isabel has a a pair of perfect skinny jeans that are an essential for the fall. Wear them with boots and a light cardigan and you will be set for the fall.
  • Bellaband- A Bellaband is a must for every season. I often use it to wear my favorite jeans that still fit me but not quite yet. It easily transitions to any season, and after birth for a comfy postpartum stage.
  • Pleated Tank Dress-  I have the Ingrid & Isabel Pleated Tank Dress and is so comfortable that can be easily transition to a stylish day & night outfit because who says that maternity compromises fashion. The fabric is so soft, stretchy and makes me feel comfortable to wear it for any occasion.

Ingrid & Isabel is a maternity apparel company has designs for function with an appreciation for fashion. To receive the latest announcements and upcoming promotions, become a fan at www.facebookcom/ingridandisabel, www.pinterest.com/ingridandisabel, and follow @IngridandIsabel.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Ingrid & Isabel. All opinions & content expressed here are my own.

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