DIY Painted Onesies

Our new little man is almost here. Two more months! Time is flying by so, so fast. I wish I could pause a few days to catch with all the things I want to do before baby is here.

Instead of making adorable headbands for a baby I’m making bow ties and painting onesies for a little man! I still can’t see myself with a little boy but I can’t wait! I’m so excited to have the opportunity to raise a little man.

Today, I’m showing you how to make your own painted onesies; the faster way but it will require a cutting machine like Silhouette. The Silhouette Portrait makes it so much easier to create your own designs and cut out desisngs from basically any logo or clip art that is available online.

Painting your own onesies is the perfect craft to add your own style and even gift them at Baby Showers or a mom to be.


If you are familiar with the silhouette software, this should be easy for you to follow.

Tips: Always start with simple shapes and logos that does not have a lot of cutting to do. Start with basic solid shapes and logos with font that is bold & thick.

silhouette screenshot for diy onesies

1) Open your clip art of your choice. Select the “Trace” Icon that looks like a sandwich (highlighted and circled in red in the picture above).

2) Click on the “Select Trace Area”

3) Cursor over your image and drag over  to completely cover the image.

4) If the image is not is completely highlighted in yellow, head over to the “Trace Settings” and increase the number until the clip art is completely filled in yellow.

5) Finally click on “Trace” and drag out the original clip art to the side. You should be able to see your traced clip art that is ready to be cut.

If you have more questions: You can watch this video that helped me a lot.

Now you are ready to paint your own onesies using any shape you desire straight from Silhouette cutting machine.


My favorite fabric paints for painting onesies are from Walmart. They are called Puffy Pens Fabric Paint Pens and they come in primary colors.

Before you start to paint your design, always use a piece of cardboard in between the onesie to prevent the paint to bleed over to the back side of the onesie.

Transfer over your vinyl stencil you cut out from Silhouette and press firmly one every corner. Begin painting over using a sponge or a paint brush until is completely covered.

Let dry completely and remove vinyl stencil.

Below are my creations:





Hope you like my little tutorial and have fun creating your own Painted Onesies for your baby/toddler.


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