Ways to Make Kids Eat Healthy

Trying to get the little ones in the family to eat fruits, vegetables, salads and any other food which could be deemed ‘healthy’, is an uphill battle. For a lot of kids, if their food isn’t covered in batter, sugar, chocolate or ice cream, they don’t want to know. Some kids will even throw food they suspect to be healthy back at you!

While I hope your children do like the occasional healthy treats, sometimes it takes lies and trickery to get them to cooperate. It’s the same in all areas. A friend of mine from the UK was telling me the other day about the time she tricked her daughter into shopping for a new school uniform in a shop called M&S, because she wanted ice cream. If you need some tips for getting the good stuff in their bellies, give the following a try.

Vegetables in sauces
Cut up vegetables into tiny pieces and stir them into pasta sauces which you prepare. Even if the sauce is from a jar, adding finely chopped carrots and celery etc to bolognese will add some goodness to the meal. Kids rarely notice, if you do a good job of disguising them.

Most of the kids I know love soups like chicken and tomato, without knowing that what they are eating is good for them. The trick is to mix everything together in a blender. They don’t realize the carrots, peas and tomatoes have simply been squished and churned.

Fruit cakes
Bake homemade fruit cakes of different varieties. Blueberry, strawberry and raspberry muffins, blackberry and apple pies, banana bread etc are all sugary and tasty treats which keep most kids occupied. The blueberry muffins are a crowd pleaser in my area.

Fun shapes
Cut fruits and vegetables into funny shapes, and arrange the meal on the plate into a smiley face. An apple slice shaped like a bee or a heart etc, is more likely to appeal to them than a simple slice.

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