Office Space Reveal: DIY Pillow & Office Chair Makeover #softside

This is a fun, DIY sponsored post written in behalf of Downy. All content, images and opinions are my own.

I have my little own office space in the living room because this is the place where my little family gathers. I want to be working on a clean space where I’m able to watch my little girl while she plays. Even though my office space is very small, I still want to feel comfortable in an inspired space. I don’t have a comfortable office desk chair so with the help of Downy I challenged myself to create a quick DIY project by making my existing office chair more comfortable and softer.

I browsed at JoANN Fabric Store to purchase a black and white fabric that is eye catching to make a soft pillow for my office chair. I purchased a yard of my favorite fabric, washed it and used Downy to softened and bring a fresh scent in my office space.

So what is the deal with Downy and this project? Downy, is my favorite fabric softener ever since I remember my mom softening my clothes with Downy. This fall, Downy wants to help out and challenge people bring out a #softside to other aspects in life as well by creating a project that can bring out softness; for example softening a space in your home by changing decor and bring in more light. How fun is that?!

DIY Pillow
1/2 yard of your fabric fabric
1 bag of fiberfill
Sewing Machine, Thread, Scissors, Measuring Tape

– Cut out two 17 inch Squares. Sow inside out with half inch seam allowance. Leave about 3 inches open to fill in with fiberfill. Sew the opening by hand or using a 3 or 3 thread level.

Chair Re-do Details:
Top Part of Chair: Fountain Mist by Valspar
Legs: Metallic Golden Pearl by Martha Stewart Living

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me or leave a comment.


Downy is known for softening some of your favorite fabrics—but this fall they want to take it a step further and bring out the #softside in other aspects of our lives as well. Whether it be everyday hardships, relevant fall themes or cues taken from pop culture—Downy is bringing out the #softside of the internet by doing what we do best—turning hard things soft. Tune into Downy’s Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter for ideas and #softside posts!

Post by Downy.

How would you add a #softside to your life?

Post by Downy.

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