A Mom’s Purse Wisdom #ad

Even though this is a sponsored post by Nestlé® Pure Life®, it’s written by me and from my heart.

My mother has lead a happy life and after a few medical scares we have grown stronger. I’m not embarrassed to say that I have not always been a good daughter on my teenager and young adult stages. Now that, I’m an adult I regret some of my mistakes and my mom knows that. My mother may not be the most open person, but she express her love and wisdom through what she knows best: cooking, care & by simply being there with you.

She has helped me become more confident and inspired by my childhood; how my mother raised us. Is not simply word of wisdom that can help create a more positive life, and confidence but the way MOM has treated you and the life you have had with her.

Staying healthy in our childhood wasn’t really an issue. With not much income from my parents to feed four children; my parents had to feed us with what they could afford. After my moms medical scares, she now has Diabetes and fitting it everyday by eating healthy. That made me realize the importance of making life changes to exercise more, be more conscious, and by choosing healthy food options. “Your Individuality makes you unique and wonderful”.

I’m definitely sharing my word of wisdom to my children to inspire them and make them realize that no one is perfect and to think twice before deciding on anything.

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