20+ Cleaning & Organization Tips

I have struggled to keep a good cleaning schedule but with my busy schedule and a very fuzzy toddler running around the house, sometimes it’s impossible for me to pick up the same toys 10 times a day. Even though, I let Aries bring a couple of toys to the living room and when she is done playing with them she has to go put it back and get another one if she’d like.

Before, Aries loved to help me clean up and pick up her toys but lately she has been really fuzzy and say “NO” a little too much. She may seem so cute and all but she has her “trantrums” moments here and there.

It’s that time of year where most people “spring clean” and I gather a few interesting tips and ideas to clean and organize my life and not just on spring cleaning time.


I’d love a good cleaning schedule and with Spring Cleaning season, this checklist has some great points.

Home Cleaning:

How to clean your dishwasher


How to clean your laminate floors. I have wood floors all over my house so I always use my Hoover Dual Tank Steam Mop.

Many people swear by cleaning with oil, this so I’m pretty sure I’m going to fight my oily cabinets with oil.

How to clean your microwave oven. With only a few ingredients like vinegar and water you will have a steam clean microwave.

Lots of ideas to clean, and utilize old things for new uses.

With the help of Martha Stewart, learn how to clean and shine your silverware.

Do you have old burnt frying pans? I do! Learn how to clean those burnt pans and give them another life!


Don’t forget to clean your babies toys. Specially those bath toys..


Cleaning naturally is the best choice.. whit only a few ingredient that you may already have in your home. Blissfully Domestic shows you 9 natural ways to clean your home.

Clean your bathroom with non-toxic solution.


Have you spilled your nail polish on your clothes? Check this tip out on how to get nail polish off clothes.

For the OCD in you, learn how to clean your window’s ever corner and cranny!

Oh, Martha has some good tips on cleaning like old candle remains, lamp shades, moving furniture & more.


Lets talk organization tips!

If you have a small home, this storage box is great idea to store your paperwork like taxes and bills.

Declutter your home by creating a mud room that is functional. I love the above mud space is so amazingly functional. Get rid of less bacteria by always taking your shoes in the entryway, storing your bills, and coats!

Organize your crafts and de-clutter old crafts supplies. Keep it to a minimal and store the ones you don’t normally use but still want to keep.
Image by BHG

Want an organized pantry? Use bins and lots of jars. This will de-cluter and will make your pantry look very organized. Image by BHG.

I love how functional this office space is. Looks very open, minimal and lots of organization bins. It’s a perfect space for small homes. Image by BHG.

Hanging a plastic Over-The-Door-Organizer are perfect to organize your pantry.  Image by BHG.

 Would you love an organized garage? I do! (raises hand) Check out this garage space. Neat and clean, I only wish mine looked like this.

Bins, bins is the key to organize your life. It makes all the clutter hide and makes clutter look neat. Use these types of bins to organize your kid’s projects or magazines. Image by BHG.

I’m in love with this Bookcase Armoire. It calls for my craft organization in my bedroom. Created by the fabulous Martha Stewart.




Thanks for stopping by and happy spring cleaning! Let me now if you would like to share some cleaning tips, leave a comment below.


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