DIY Bow Hair Ties

I’m so glad I have a little girl that I could dress up and craft her pretty things. Daughters are the most wonderful gift this world has to give.. and I have one.

Almost everyday, I style her hair in a messy bun style specially in the hot summer days. Aries’ hair gets on her way of playing so a bun head it is on most days.

Not to be biased but my daughter is way too cute! Even when she makes a tantrum and says “no” more than often, she is the cutest ever. So here is how I make my own little bow hair ties.

Now if you would love to make these bow hair ties for your daughter or yourself you will need the following:
– Goody Elastic Hair Ties
– Felt
– Glue Stick & Glue Gun
– Scissors

You may use my Hair Bow Headband tutorial to make the felt bow. Then, glue the bow to the elastic hair tie.

To style it: Tie around a messy bun.

I made several of these in various colors to match Aries’ outfits and now I can’t make enough. Hope you like this post.

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