Kitchen Spring Cleaning with Bounty DuraTowel

It’s that time of year of spring cleaning. The weather has been great lately and its a perfect cool weather to put on some music and start to do some spring cleaning. I started spring cleaning my kitchen’s pantrys and cabinets the other day. I removed unnecessary dishes and glassware to help reduce the amount of dishes I clean everyday. Now all I need is to clean out my cabinets, counter tops and stove.

I tried the Bounty DuraTowel and I must say that is really strong while wiping down my counter-tops. I was able to use the Bounty DuraTowel to scrub down minor particles. With a toddler in the house, I need these Bounty DuraTowel more than ever since you may never know when my little toddler will spill her juice. The Bounty DuraTowel certainly does the job by cleaning spills and absorbing everything on its path. Its stronger than regular paper towels but do no expect it to be just as strong as a cloth towel. Grab a Bounty DuraTowel and let’s get spring cleaning, it will certainly be your cleaning partner to clean counter tops, dinner table, furniture and other surfaces.

Will you be doing some spring cleaning or are a you a more of an everyday-spring-cleaning? Do you use Bounty to clean out surfaces of your home?

Here is a list I compiled to help me with Spring Clean my kitchen area.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Check List:
Empty all drawers and cabinets, wipe interior.
Organize and De-clutter pantry all groceries & dinnerware
Wash down cabinet doors & knobs
Clean oven and stove top.
Move kitchen and refrigerators and clean the area behind
dust any decor and lightning fixtures
Wipe down switches, trim and base boards
Clean inside fridge/freezer and check for expired food.
Wipe down back-splash
Clean dishwasher
Sweep and mop flooring

Hope this checklist helps you.. what else would you add to the Kitchen Spring Cleaning List?

After a single day’s use a dishcloth can harbor millions of germs. Bounty DuraTowel leaves surfaces three times cleaner than a used dishcloth,* so ditch the dishcloth and switch to new DuraTowel.

*1 tsp. spaghetti sauce, 10 mls. coffee, 1/8 tsp. creamer on laminate counter-top

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Bounty via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Bounty.

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