Twitter’s Vine App

Have you heard of the new Twitter’s app called Vine?

Vine is a mobile app launched by Twitter a week ago that let’s you take a 6 second video and sharing them to other Viners. To record a video you can hold your finger on the screen or you can hold it of and on recording as many short moments as you like inside 6 seconds total. I just joined last night and I’m loving it. I’m just hoping that there are private settings that I can manage because as I can tell there is no privacy options and all videos are public.

I’m still figuring out Vine but so far I’m very excited! Its very easy to use and you have to download it via the iPhone App Store. Users can also follow other Viners separately throughout the app, as well as comment and like videos just as similar to Instagram.

Its a super fun new way to share creative ideas, how-to’s, a glimpse of our daily life and anything in between.

Here is my first Vine post I shared last night of my Little Aries. You can now follow me on Vine via @blogali or under Angie Ramirez



Stay tune on Tuesday for a Blog Hop regarding Vine!

So what do you think of this so called app, Vine?

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