DIY Floordrop for Food or Product Photography

I’m always looking for new backgrounds for my food or craft photography and I’ve had my eye on some really cool professional backdrops but are just too expensive for me. So I decided to make my own.

I went off to Home Depot and bought some cheap wood boards, and a Valspar sample paint. Total cost of the project is about $5 since I already had, nails & two wood planks.
In average you can spent about $10-15 dollars including the paint & the extra wood plank boards.

The final project is so light that is very easy to handle and store away. It weights about 2lbs.

What you’ll need:
1) 5 Rosewood Planks ($.54 each at Lowe’s measuring 48in long x 1.5inches and .25in thickness)
2) 2 Polar Wood Sticks ( 1.5in x 24 inch and .5in thickness- they cost about $2.50 each)
3) Small Nails
4) Foam Brush
5) Valspar Sample Paint for $2.49
6) Hammer

Carefully cut the 5 Rosewood Planks using an electric saw in three even pieces of 16 inches each.
Align all 15 wood plank horizontally on top of the two wood planks and begin nailing. You may sand the wood planks if you’d like before painting.

My nails were a bit to long so I had to hammer them.

Using very little paint at a time, paint the wood board with a base paint. If you want a two color tone: use a dark base paint first then when dried apply a lighter paint.
For my floor drop: I used a dark gray Valspar and an Ultra White Valspar sample paint. Apply thin brushes at a time leaving some spots intentionally without paint to have a more weathered distressed look.

I’m also using the back of this floor-drop as a “double sided floor-drop” by painting it in another color and distressing the paint a little different.

Its super easy and very inexpensive to make. I hope you liked this project. Let me know if you decide to make your own Photography Floor-drop. Its a perfect floor drop for food & product photography!

I’m hoping to create another tutorial on the floor-drop I made in this recipe. Stay tune!


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