LeapFrog Ultra eBook Review

My daughter loves her new LeapPad2 that Leap Frog sent us a while back. It has become one of her favorite toys to play with. and I couldn’t be any happier. For a while now, I have been introducing her to books and educational Leap Frog games s she could pick up reading. So, Leap Frog sent us two of their new Ultra eBooks. It has a similarity to the the reading Tag system Leap Frog carries.

Leap Frog sent Aries two Ultra eBooks the Learn to Read Collection in Fairy Tales & Adventure Stories

What we loved about the Ultra eBooks:

  • We love the storyline and the surprises you get once you touch the characters or items moving during the storyline. eBooks are different from regular eBooks in that they are supposed to grow with the reader.
  • Mini-games are integrated throughout the books. The games are sometimes just for fun, but often they test vocabulary and sentence structure.
  • There is an option to read the book themselves, record themselves reading, or hear it read aloud.
  • Written at 3 different reading levels. As the child masters more reading challenges, the reading level can automatically adjust with them. Or, they can choose a reading level.

Cons: When you try to run the sytuls pen across the word, sometimes it doesn’t completely say the word. It doesn’t really have a great calibration unless you try a few times but overall works great!

Every time you unlock your first 100 words, surprises appear and my daughter gets excited to see what happens. My daughter is very smart and everyday I read her a book and I let her play with her LeapPad Ultra eBooks. I still need to find out if Leap Frog carries any spanish ultra e-books or games because I’d love her her to learn to read in Spanish. As parents, we just love Leap Frog’s educational toys and Leap Frog Cartoons because she is now able to read & understand Numbers 1-10 and the whole alphabet.

I do recommend the Leap Frog Ultra eBooks for your children. Its a great way to introduce reading as early as possible and hope this review helps you  if you are considering for an Ultra eBook for a LeapPad. I definitely will buy another one in the future! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.


Disclosure: This is a review. A product was received in order to facilitate this review. All opinions and content is 100% my own.

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