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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of © Blue Shield of California for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Health, health. It’s on my priority lists for me and my little family but sometimes finding the right affordable insurance isn’t quite as easy. I’m just glad my little Aries has an affordable insurance and Victor has insurance for life by being a USMC Veteran. We haven’t had any major health issues or emergencies but we still need our regular doctor and dentists visits.

I just recently found out about Blue Shield of California and what I love about them is that their mission is to help all Californians have access to high-quality health care at an affordable price. Their Facebook page is so much fun and Blue Shield of California share health and wellness tips to their fans.

1. they’re a not for profit company

2. they offer easy access to alternative care, like chiropractors and acupuncture

3. they offer easy access to great doctors

4. they offer a wide range of affordable health plans

When I do have a health questions.. we tend to search the internet instead. Victor is always searching for his answers online. Blue Shield of California has a fun DUO called Dr. Jim and his sidekick, Bob. They offer an informative, yet entertaining approach to tackling health care questions. They have a variety of videos that address issues that we all prefer not  talking about them like Diarrhea, Constipation and etc. I know we as a family have some of those “issues”.

Every day Dr. Jim and Bob scan the Internet, searching for people with questions about their health. When they spot a problem, they post a reply and a link back to their video advice on Facebook.


Check out this video from Dr. Jim and Bob’s Fun & Helpful Health Advice addressing: Snoring! Supposedly, I snore?! I mean, girls don’t snore. Well, apparently Victor says that sometimes I snore and didn’t snore before. After having Aries, my body changed and now I snore.

You can visit  and like Blue Shield of California Facebook Page for more info and to check out Dr. Jim and Bob.

I believe Blue Shield of CA could benefit me and your family; from their video advice from Dr. Jim and Bob to some of the benefits of their health plans. I’m now more interested in getting a quote to get an insurance for myself.

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