Christmas Craft: Paper, Fabric & Felt Trees

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! My tree is up but it’s still not done. I started these Christmas trees and I love how they turned out.
My theme for this Christmas is Mint/White/Silver & Gold colors. There is something about the mint/light turquoise color I’m loving this year.

Instead of buying Styrofoam trees which I think they are expensive, I decided to make my own by just using cardboard paper. I also found a clear cone at Micheal’s Store for $1.99 which is much cheaper than $5.99 for Styrofoam trees.

Paper & Paint: I painted the tree/cone with a light Tiffany blue acrylic paint and made a tiny banner using paper.
Fabric Tree -I only used strips of gold satin fabric, glue gun, cardboard tree and lighter to burn the edges. I didn’t sew the ruffles; I made them by freehand and hot gluing the ruffles to the cardboard tree.
Gift Wrap Paper – I found these cute gray and white polka-dot wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby and had to get it.
Felt – Using lots of medium size felt circles and making a scallop design by interlocking the circles around the clear cone using glue gun.

Now I only need a cute little star topper and we are all set! I hope you like them and create your own easy paper tree to decorate your home.


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