Coca Cola Hispanic Scholarship Fund #DestapaSuFuturo

My first language is Spanish and my childhood was filled with Mexican culture! Lots of parties (piñatas), posadas, Rosca de Reyes, Dia de los Muertos and lots of weekends visiting family members in Mexico. My hometown is New Mexico and Mexico was so close by! We simply drove and passed “the bridge” to visit  our family members or even sometimes to party at clubs.

Sadly, my Mexican culture is disappearing little by little. We mainly celebrate American traditions but I do hope to bring my Mexican traditions to my home and share it with my little one!

My parents never went to college, or graduated high school for that matter.  Back then, education has been the last thing on their minds because taking care of the family has always been first priority. Only a few people of my family are college graduates.

There wasn’t always enough money so, I started working since I was 16 years old. I worked  part time at a Dairy Queen and attended High School in the mornings. I continued to work to help my parents with bills and thanks to the Financial Aid we were able to afford some of my college expenses. In 2010, I moved to Southern California to continue college but had to drop off college for a while to take care of my little Aries and now I miss school!

I’m hoping to go back to college in the Fall and finish my degree and change my major to marketing or business. Now that I’m a blogger and loving it, I want to improve my skills and get a degree that will benefit myself, my little family and my blog.

Coca-Cola has been teaming up with with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund for more than 30 years and are committed to helping them meet their goal of having a college degree in every Latino household by the year 2025.  Help make a difference with Coca-Cola! Share this info to your Latino College Student and tell them to visit the HSF application and apply!

From now through October 31st, students can apply for the HSF Scholarship at by answering three essay questions. Students must reflect on how their heritage affects their career goals, the importance of education in their lives and their community service experiences.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Coca-Cola and Latina Bloggers Connect.

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