Rose Petal Headband Tutorial

Love headbands!? We love them!! This is headband number 3 of my DIY Headband Tutorials! Its very easy and no sewing skills needed!

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I still have two more headband tutorials in progress, so stay tune!







For this gorgeous (NO SEW) Rose Petal Headband you will need:
– Cotton Fabric (the cheapest fabric per yard)
– Circle Object about 2″ diameter
– Scissors
– Pen/Pencil
– Elastic Band (“Fold Over Elastic” – Can be found at Ebay or Etsy)
– Button
– Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

1) Gather Supplies
2) Cut about 12 Circles in about 2″ diameter.
3) Fold half of the circle in triangular form (shown above)
4) Hot glue each side of the triangular form and begin to form the rose.
5) Attach button w/hot glue
6) Hot glue the elastic band to the back of the rose. (size of the elastic depends on the head circumference) This particular elastic is very soft and stretchy so you do about 18″ for toddlers.

You can see my baby girl rocking the ROSE PETAL headband! Not only for toddlers but adults can wear this headband.. It could be great for photographs and every day use! I love making this type of headband in different fabric and I will hope to show you soon!

What is your favorite type headband? Do you wear them?

As you can see my daughter won’t even take her geek glasses off for a second . They do look so awesome with the Rose Petal headband and a HAIR BOW!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Come back soon for another DIY Headband Tutorial!


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