Entertaining Ideas | Mini Pancakes!

Looking for a simple classy entertaining food idea for brunch or breakfast? These little mini cuties could be just it! They are perfect even for kids for easy grabbing and can be made from many different pancake recipes. Healthy and not so healthy! I will be making these more often with different recipes like oatmeal pancakes and chocolate chip!

I used a small ketchup containers that are sold at the dollar store to pour the pancake mix on the pan. Cook them at low/medium temperature and use two pans to make them even faster! Add your favorite fruit and use toothpicks. I made the little flags out of fabric and hot glued it to the toothpick.

My toddler loved these.. but I removed the toothpick and used popsicle sticks instead. Itโ€™s a perfect size for toddlers.

Arenโ€™t these delightful? Light and fluffy using a simple ready pancake mix.

Stay tune for more

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