Aries’ First Trip to the Dentist

Aries turned 27 months and its time for her fist visit to the dentist that is in a couple of weeks.

Ever since she was little, she started using pacifiers but one day she discovered her hands tasted better. Since Aries was 9 months old, she has never stopped sucking her thumb. I’m always afraid that since she sucks her thumb every single day (both thumbs) she might have end up growing with terrible teeth. I have tried so many things to help her let go of the thumb, but nothing works. So we will let her be. Aries mostly sucks her thumb while asleep and watching her favorite cartoons.

I’m no expert and as long as she gets her regular visits to the dentist and good oral hygiene she would get perfect and healthy teeth when she is older. I just don’t want to see her at age 20 and still using her thumb.

So my first questions I will ask our dentist would be: How does sucking the thumb could affect my daughter in the long run and how could we prevent it?

Do you have children who sucks their thumb or use a pacifier and won’t let it go? Share your thoughts.

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  • Aries is so beautiful. I have a little brother who sucks both thumbs, up until now that he’s already in college. And his teeth is not in perfect shape.ReplyCancel
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  • I worked for dentists and I’ve heard kids that suck their thumb (but it has to be for a very long time) will need braces later in life; but as far as having problems with cavities and things like that, as long as you are brushing her teeth every day she should be fine. My baby is still only 2 months so i dont know how he’ll be with his thumb but i know that he doesn’t like his paci, he spits it out …:)ReplyCancel