Simple Bow Tie Headband Tutorial

Welcome to this mini series on how to make 5 different headbands! Today, here is a  simple houndstooth bow tie headband tutorial.  Its very easy to make and no sewing skills needed. Perfect for all little girls  and even adults.

Materials Needed:
6 1/2 x 8 1/2 Piece of Fabric for bow
2 x 4 Piece of fabric for the center of the bow
Glue Gun & Glue Stick
Elastic (This type of elastic I use is called Foldover Elastic and can be found on Hobby Lobby for about $3-$4 a yard. Its cheaper if you find them online at Ebay or Etsy and many shop owners have a variety of colors)

Measure & cut fabric.
Horizontally, Fold fabric in half
Fold again to form the bow.
Place a small amount of glue
Do the same with the other small piece of fabric for the center of the bow. Scrunch the fabric and form the bow.
Then place the small piece of fabric around the bow and hot glue together.
Attach elastic band with hot glue on back of the bow.
DIY Bow Headband


DIY Bow Headband


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