Our Progress | Potty Training

I have been on and off potty training with my little girl. We took brakes but she is also on the terrible two’s stage that she sometimes she doesn’t even want to take the Pull-Ups off or on. So dealing with her attitude and potty training; is not going so well but at least we had some success.

She knows that when is potty training she goes directly to the bathroom and wants to place the potty seat herself. She is more than willing to sit there unsure what potty training means. We had some some sticker fun, snacks, lots of juices and played games. I’m so proud of my lil girl; she went pee pee twice, she smiled and  yelled “Yay.”

She is getting there,  its a big step on our potty training stage. No matter what.. continuing taking little breaks helps us a lot. If she begins being fuzzy we stop and go have some snacks or continue the other day.

Pull-Ups Big  has many great resources to help with potty training. You can set up timer for Potty Breaks and you can set up a Disney Character call so your daughter/son can receive it.

My daughter loves talking on the phone. She listens and talks like she knows everything. When I handed her the phone she knew what to do.

Watch my daughter receiving her Disney character call.

Mommas, make sure to check out the below infographic for tips and tricks on Potty Training your son/daughter provided by Pull-Ups.

Browse more infographics.

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