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Today ,I have a lovely guest; Camille from Growing Up Gable.
She has a very cute cake idea for you to show you.

When my daughter, Ella, turned 2, I decided to forgo a traditional birthday cake since she really only ate the frosting off of it. At the mall I noticed a cookie shop selling large personalized cookie cakes. I was shocked at the $35 price tag for what was basically a large cookie! So I decided to try making a cookie cake at home for my daughter’s birthday.

When I made the cookie cake, I didn’t really have a “go to” cookie recipe (like my Perfect Chocolate Cookie recipe) so I just used the recipe on the back of the bag of chocolate chips. I evenly spread one batch of cookie dough out on a round pizza pan. I was a little concerned about baking all the cookie dough in one lump, but it turned out just fine! I baked the cookie for 20 minutes at the temperature given on the recipe and it was nice and golden and soft.

I let the cookie cool right on the pizza pan. Once it was cool, I made a half-batch of buttercream frosting and used it to write a birthday greeting for my girl. My cake decorating definitely needs some work, but I was very happy with the end result and I only spent about $3 instead of $35.

This year Ella is turning six and I’m attempting to make a Barbie dress cake with the doll right in it. Head on over to my blog mid-July to see how it turned out!


Camille Gabel is a wife and homeschooling mom living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Camille blogs at Growing Up Gabel where she focuses on raising a family in a natural and organic way. Camille writes about homeschooling, crafting, cooking and all kinds of DIY projects.


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